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Fairy Garden Halloween Decorations Miniature spider, cat, and headstone - Set of 3

$ 11.00

Halloween decorations for your terrarium or fairy garden! This spider, cat, and RIP headstone will accessorize your terrarium or fairy garden for Halloween!

The spider and the cat both have glow in the dark eyes .. so you may feel like something is watching you at night!

The headstone comes with a toothpick that can be inserted into the bottom to help it stand up, however, the toothpick is removable in case you are setting it on a flat surface. The toothpicks are easily broken to accommodate different depths.

This set measures from 1/2 to 1.5 inches wide and 1 to 1.5 inches tall.

Polymer clay figures can go indoors or outdoors, but please know that direct sunlight and moisture tend to darken the clay. To keep them looking their best use them inside and out of the elements. Although I personally keep my own outside and have for years.

If you would like to sneak a peak for other items I am making, you can view them on my instagram page: https://instagram.com/aprilmakes/
or on the blog: http://thepebblepathway.blogspot.com/


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