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Career Gnome - Chef with Chocolate Cupcake 0163 - ThePebblePathway

Career Gnome - Chef with Chocolate Cupcake 0163

A culinary artist!  All great chefs need to be able to make a good cupcake!  This one comes delivering a piping hot cupcake! This little chef will bring a smile to all of the human culinary geniuses you know!

This gnome is made and ready to ship! The chef gnome measures approximately 1.5 inches tall and .75 inches wide. He is made as a shelf sitter, but you can select if you would like a shelf sitter, plant poke, or ornament (see below)  If you would like a necklace for your pendant, please order from this listing: https://thepebblepathway.myshopify.com/products/satin-cord-necklace

Shelf sitters have a flat bottom and will sit on their own.
Plant Pokes, have a small hole in the bottom for a toothpick to be inserted to help them stand in soil.
Ornaments have a loop added to the top.

Your gnome will be shipped in 1-3 business days after you order (shipping Monday-Thursday).

Polymer clay figures can go indoors or outdoors, but please know that direct sunlight and moisture tend to darken the clay. To keep them looking their best use them inside and out of the elements.

Polymer clay items are cute, but they are not toys.  Please treat them as you would any ceramic figurine. 

Figures can get wet but prolonged submersion in water is not recommend.  Not made for fish tanks or aquariums.

If you would like to sneak a peak for other items I am making, you can view them on my instagram page: https://instagram.com/thepebblepathway/
or on the blog: http://thepebblepathway.blogspot.com/


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