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Itty bitty gnomes - a teeny tiny gnome to bring you good luck - ThePebblePathway

Itty bitty gnomes - a teeny tiny gnome to bring you good luck

$ 12.00

Meet eenie, weenie, tiny, and moe!  They are all gnomes from the itty bitty gnome committee waiting to bring you good luck and a smile!  These itty bitty gnomes measure just 1/2 inch wide and a little less than 1 inch tall.  You can request them to be a charm, with a loop added to the top, or a plant poke with a hole in the bottom.  Just leave me a note at check out

Itty bitty gnomes are made 100% of polymer clay - they are waterproof and you can scrub with a soft brush and soapy water if they get gunky.  You can even try mildew cleaner if you have them in a terrarium and need to clean them.

Shelf sitters have a flat bottom and sit on their own

Ornaments have a loop at the top and are perfect as charms, ornaments, or pendants

Plant pokes are perfect to insert a tooth pick in the bottom and place in a potted plant, fairy garden, or terrarium.

Please note that you may not get the itty bitty gnome in the picture, but you will get one similar in size and likeness ... each gnome is handmade and has his own personality.



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